When we're talking about serious issues, we don't beat around the bush. That's why we've recently reviewed our policies, and we're proud to announce that we will be launching a brand new company policy in coming weeks.

We will soon present our new Environmental Policy, a home-grown initiate that is focused on changing the way that we do business with our clients so that we can work together to better the environment. This policy will touch a number of aspects, such as the suppliers that we use, our policies around single-use printouts, waste, motor vehicles, and more.

However, one of the aspects of the policy that we're most excited about is our newly-formed partnership with One Tree Planted. Starting immediately, we'll be working with our clients to plant a tree for every invoiced hour. We'll also be setting aside a portion of all equipment purchases to offset the carbon produced in the manufacturing of any goods that we purchase on your behalf.

For our clients this means that when you receive an invoice from us, you will see on that invoice how improving your business has also had an effect to improve the environment that we all share. And we hope that gives you the same warm fuzzy feeling that it gives us when we read about the excellent work done by our environmental partner.

We'd like to take a moment to thank you all for making this possible, and we're very proud to be in a position to initiate these policy changes.

How Improving Your Business Will Plant Trees